U.S.: Russia mastermind violence in Ukraine

Not only Ukrainian government blamed Russia for the latest crisis in eastern Ukraine . Government of the United States ( U.S. ) also accuses Russian of masterminding the violence in eastern Ukraine who demanded a referendum to secede from Ukraine .
Allegations of U.S. delivered U.S. ambassador to the UN , Samantha Power , in an emergency session of the UN Security Council held on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) . The emergence of armed groups who occupied the volatility of government buildings in eastern Ukraine , said Samantha , reflecting the stylized Russian invasion of Crimea .
" You ‘ve heard the last few weeks that Russia denies intending to occupy or attack ( Ukraine ) , " said Samantha . " Unfortunately , the fact is happening storming buildings in six cities in eastern Ukraine yesterday , and a few others on this day . It reflects the current tactics of the Russian troops invaded the Crimea , "said Samantha , told Reuters .
Samantha was openly accused Russia as a professional puppeteer in armed action in eastern Ukraine . ” The only entity capable of co-ordinated in the area , this is a professional Russian military action , ” said Samantha . ( See also : the President of Ukraine : Russia launched a war ! )
Russia blamed Ukraine
No thanks accused of U.S. , Russia accused the Government of turning , that the clutter in eastern Ukraine are caused by the policy of the Government of Ukraine itself . One of them is by applying an anti - terrorist operation that triggered the violence in the region .
Russian Ambassador to the UN , Vitaly Churkin , said the Western countries that have a chance to stop the civil war in Ukraine . ” There is bloodshed and further escalation should be stopped quickly , ” said Churkin .
" Kiev should stop the use of force against people in eastern Ukraine and start a genuine dialogue , " said Churkin suggested .

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An emergency session of the UN Security Council 10th session to discuss the crisis in Ukraine . The trial was initiated by Russia , after Ukraine threatened to launch military operations against armed groups are accused of being pro - Russian until the group retreat or surrender .


Official NasDem coalition with PDI-P, Surya Paloh Rated Genius

NasDem Party Chairman Surya Paloh rated genius following the emergence of the agreement between PDI and NasDem Party to carry Joko Widodo as a presidential candidate to be appreciated .

" We have to admit this is a stroke of genius from NasDem party chairman , Surya Paloh , " said CSIS Board of Advisors , Jeffrie Geovanie , Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) .

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Joining the two political parties are considered Jeffrie very strategic for both parties , because it would have a ticket PDIP pencapresan intact because it has no support from the party NasDem .

" Surely it would make PDIP be in an advantageous position because they do not have to worry and easy on the tap-tap of the other parties as a condition of the coalition , "

" Of course also for the party NasDem very strategic because it became a major partner of the PDIP in this 2014 Presidential election , " he added .

Earlier, Chairman of the Party NasDem Surya Paloh announced if the party he leads a coalition with PDI-P official in the presidential election . It was announced after a closed meeting with Joko Widodo and PDI-P secretary general Tjahjo Kumolo in the office of the DPP party NasDem .


BlackBerry denies Want Out of Business Smartphone

Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) yesterday , Reuters news agency published the results of interviews with BlackBerry CEO John Chen stated that the company would go out of business if the devices continue to experience losses .

That is , could have stopped the BlackBerry smartphone when it is deemed necessary to make do financially . ” If I can not bring in money from the handset , I will not go into business devices , ” Chen said at the time.

Moments after the news portal extends through many other news - including KompasTekno - Chen issued a clarification on the BlackBerry blog post .

In it , he said that the interview with Reuters had taken ” out of context ” and asserted that the BlackBerry does not intend to get out of the phone business .

" I know that you still love with the BlackBerry device . Liked them and I also know that these devices became the foundation of the company . Our focus now is to find a way to bring in a profit from this business , " wrote Chen .

He explained that the company’s BlackBerry not only depend on the phone , but to present a comprehensive, end - to-end in which the handset is one part.

In this case , the mobile phone business revenue was supported by income from other businesses like enterprise services , software , and messaging . Chen added that Blackberry also investing in the technology of machine- to- machine that would become the backbone of the Internet of Things .

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Lastly, he stated that the business will continue its BlackBerry phones and devices with the release of ” iconic keyboard ” and other features are identical to the Canadian company .

"Do not worry , we will continue to fight . We have not given up and will not leave the business , " said Chen .


Samsung Galaxy S5 Top Excellence leaked HTC M8

Reportedly , the Galaxy S5 will be marketed globally on April 11 , including in Indonesia . Anticipating competition from smartphone competitors , such as the HTC One M8 is also ready for the market , Samsung also revealed some of the advantages of the Galaxy S5 .

In the document the training material for employees who leaked Samsung in China , there are at least four advantages compared to HTC Galaxy S5 M8 . Which includes :

1 . HTC M8 is not waterproof and dust , while the Galaxy S5 is equipped with IP67 certification .

2 . Galaxy S5 camera better , with higher megapixels , focus faster and more professional overall .

3 . HTC M8 is not very user friendly as the Galaxy S5 . Galaxy S5 battery can be replaced and have the latest battery -saving feature called Ultra Power Saving Mode .

4 . HTC M8 is not as safe as the Galaxy S5 . M8 does not have a fingerprint scanner as the Galaxy S5 . Galaxy S5 also has security features that claimed Knox safe for the enterprise segment .

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Of course not superior to the Galaxy S5 HTC M8 from all sides . HTC itself often criticized Galaxy S material made ​​of plastic , while the high-end HTC handsets are made with metal materials .

Meanwhile , the Samsung Galaxy S5 ready for sale in Indonesia for Rp 8.5 million . While HTC M8 is also likely to be marketed . Similarly, just as reported by BGR , Friday ( 04/04/2014 ) .


Location search MH370 aircraft in the Indian Ocean shifted

Australian Maritime Safety Authority ( AMSA ) today said that based on the latest information , the location of Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight search shifted to about 1,850 kilometers west of the City of Perth . Previously the location of the search to be around 2,500 kilometers southwest of Perth.

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The transfer was based on the analysis of the location of the search told investigators that the 239 passenger plane that flies faster than previously thought resulting in faster spent fuel and the possibility of falling in locations closer than previous searches .

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the latest information based on credible search area has now become an area of ​​3:19 in the 1,850 square kilometers kilometers west of Perth , as reported by the Guardian newspaper , Friday ( 28/3 ) .

" Geospatial Intelligence Organisation Australian satellite is now directed to the new territory , " said AMSA .

While the United States has deployed one more aircraft searches the P - 8 Poseidon after satellite images of Thailand yesterday said capturing hundreds of suspected MH370 debris in the Indian Ocean , west of Australia . (see also: situs download film terbaru)

" We want to help what we can do with a long -term maritime surveillance aircraft ," said Admiral John Kirby .

source:http://www. merdeka .com/

Ranger ditembak mati di Taman Nasional Virunga

Sebuah ranger telah tewas dan dua luka-luka lebih serius dalam serangan oleh pemberontak di Republik Demokratik Kongo ( DRC ) .

Kami sedih untuk melaporkan kematian seorang ranger Taman Nasional Virunga , yang tewas dalam menjalankan tugas pada hari Sabtu tanggal 11 Januari.

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Ranger Mbera Bagabo ditembak mati dan dua lainnya luka parah ketika patroli mereka diserang oleh milisi FDLR Rwanda .

Tiga FDLR juga tewas dan satu ditangkap dalam pertempuran berikutnya .

Menurut pejabat taman , ” Rangers sedang dikerahkan di daerah tersebut untuk mengamankan jalan utama yang berjalan di samping taman untuk umum dan untuk melindungi Virunga dari perusakan hutan ilegal di daerah yang hanya berisi populasi gorila gunung yang sangat terancam punah Kongo . FDLR merupakan gerakan ilegal diyakini masih termasuk pelaku genosida Rwanda pada tahun 1994 .

" Serangan itu terjadi sekitar 10 km sebelah utara dari kota Goma di daerah yang terkena dampak pertempuran kekerasan antara pasukan pemerintah dan pemberontak M23 pada bulan Oktober tahun lalu . Ini adalah serangan terburuk di Virunga ranger patroli di lebih dari satu tahun .

" Serangan ini diduga dilakukan sebagai pembalasan terhadap upaya rangers ’ untuk mencegah milisi dari mendapatkan kembali kontrol dari daerah yang dekat dengan habitat gorila gunung yang sangat terancam punah . Daerah ini dicari oleh milisi untuk perdagangan arang yang menguntungkan ilegal dengan kota Goma , dikenal sebagai sumber utama pendapatan bagi kelompok-kelompok bersenjata ilegal di Republik Demokratik Kongo timur .

" Penelitian terbaru oleh staf taman nasional telah menunjukkan perdagangan ilegal bernilai lebih dari US $ 35 juta per tahun , banyak yang menyediakan dana untuk kelompok-kelompok bersenjata ilegal . "

Rangers saat ini bekerja untuk mengamankan daerah tersebut .

Dukungan untuk para janda dan keluarga

Didirikan pada tahun 1925 , Virunga adalah taman nasional tertua di Afrika dan masa pakai baterai telah menghadapi banyak kesulitan sebagai akibat dari kekacauan politik dan konflik . Meskipun demikian , taman ini dikelola oleh sebuah tim penjaga sangat berdedikasi , lebih dari 150 di antaranya telah menyerahkan hidup mereka untuk melindungi taman dan satwa liar .

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Pada tahun 2007 , Taman Nasional Virunga membentuk dana untuk memberikan dukungan keuangan untuk keluarga penjaga tewas bertugas . Untuk donasi , kunjungi website Rangers Dana Fallen .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

Gold Prices Move Up On Increasing Tension in Ukraine

Gold prices recovered from the loss reported on Tuesday ( 11/03/2014 ) this morning , triggered deadlock conditions in Ukraine pressure offset U.S. payrolls data reports and weakening commodity prices rose another after a sharp decline in Chinese exports . (see also: pakan burung)

The price of gold in the spot market rose 0.2 % to U.S. $ 1,342.60 per ounce . While U.S. gold futures for April delivery rose U.S. $ 4.70 an ounce to U.S. $ 1,342.90 per ounce .

" The weakness of the stock market and gold’s strength seems to stem back to about the news of the Crimea , " said Saxo Bank’s head of commodity strategy Ole Hansen launched Reuters page .

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told President Vladimir Putin of Russia in Ukraine if the position of conflict with the West and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has declined an invitation to visit Russia for talks more about this .

Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted earlier said if the commander of the country has been shooting military post during the takeover of Ukraine in Crimea .

Precious metal prices fell to the lowest position to U.S. $ 1,328.86 in early trade , extending a decline of 0.8 %, which was made on Friday after U.S. payrolls data beat estimates , this makes the Federal Reserve will keep stimulus measures in the U.S. sharpened .

In the broader market , European shares erase early gains 0.7 % after reports of new unrest in Ukraine .

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On the other hand China, the world’s largest consumer of commodities including gold , said on Saturday its exports fell unexpectedly in February . This condition trade balance swung into deficit .