Discuss Power Plant Stem, CT Will Meet Ganjar Pranowo

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Chairul ( CT ) will meet with the Governor of Central Java , Ganjar Pranowo , because no immediate completion of the construction project steam power plant ( power plant) Trunk .

" Definitely , I will definitely meet ( Ganjar Pranowo ) . Only , time has not been scheduled . Lot of priorities that need to be resolved . ( The project is ) one of the agenda ( meeting ) which will be discussed with the Governor of Central Java , " he said , met at the office Apindo , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

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As known Rod power plant project , never built because the land acquisition process has not been completed . CT explains , the process of land acquisition 2x1.000 power projects with a capacity of megawatts ( MW ) was not only the responsibility of the central government . It was given , if the project is realized , then the local community will benefit directly from the investment.

" If it is done at the central government in Jakarta , it is impossible to do. So , government should be involved , both the provincial and district governments . ‘s Common interests , " he added .

" If there are investors in there, right , which can be a blessing so people who were there . Later, the land price goes up , the houses could be boarding houses , restaurants and cafes can be , " he said again .

Meanwhile, in related field , CT ensure the government has a budget ’ locker profit ’ . Previously reported , the operation of the power plant project worth Rp 35 trillion rod in Batang , Central Java, is most likely delay of the target completion in September 2014.

The project started in October 2012 . However , the presence of the power plant many protests from residents related to land acquisition and environmental impact .


JIS trial, Plaintiffs’ Damages Claims So Raise 125 Million U.S. Dollars

South Jakarta District Court held a hearing civil cases of sexual violence against AK , kindergarten pupils Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) , which was delayed for two weeks .

In the trial , the plaintiff filed a lawsuit related changes in material compensation .

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" Changes in just a matter of the lawsuit material . Compensation materially from 2 million to 25 million dollars . Immaterial indemnity of 10 million dollars so 100 million dollars . These changes from the victim’s family considerations , " said team member attorney AK , Love Trisulo , which met after the hearing .

Harry Ponto JIS attorney claimed , have not read all of the sheet changes when it receives a new lawsuit the hearing. “No , I do not know yet . Later we will learn , ” he said .

In the trial , two defense, namely JIS and the Ministry of Education and Culture is present . The presiding judge approved Aswandi offers mediation by third parties .

The trial will resume after reports the results of mediation are mediated by the judge Pranoto .

" Mediation was what ? I understand baseball . Similar deal I ever baseball legal , " said TH , AK mother , when asked his opinion on the mediation agenda will follow.


Basuki: Commercial Area Structure monorail Strange

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja claimed to be surprised by PT Jakarta Monorail plan ( JM ) is planning to build a commercial area ( transit oriented development ) at the monorail stations .

According to Basuki , the commercial area will make spatial design to be weird . He also cited the Senayan area . Basuki said , currently standing at Senayan area has two large malls , namely Plaza Senayan and Senayan City . Pole size monorail in Senayan area is small and considered not going to sustain strong commercial area structure .

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" He said he wanted to get up ( commercial area ) in the middle of the pole . Kept me wondering , how expensive would use construction ? Pole skinny want plus so future building in the middle . Continues period between the existing mall to mall buildings ? From the architecture does not infringe ? If mangkrak how? " Bakaikota Basuki said in Jakarta on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Not only that , Basuki also concerned about the plans of the PT JM . He argues , the plan could potentially troublesome city government , especially if later abandoned monorail service .

"Later they (CF JM ) can earn money from nyewain pole . , But if later stalled , people would be demanding the provincial government , so contrived bridge malls next to that ( wares ) behavior . Forcing That’s amazing," said he is familiarly called Ahok it .


Ping is not from Black Box, Search MH370 Questionable

Scientists dive questioning the methods and evidence search results Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . Scientists ping it to make sure the signal is so user searches for flight MH370 not from the plane’s black box .
Scientists interviewed Australian media on condition of anonymity , calling the claims Prime Minister of Australia , Tony Abbott , about the ping signal from the plane’s black box MH370 been a “disaster ” .

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According to the scientists , four ping signals were detected in the southern Indian Ocean , instead of the black box MH370 but from other sources as well butane humans . ” Soon as I saw the ping frequency and the distance between ( to each other ) , I knew it was not a plane pinger , ” the scientist said the News Corp Australia , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .
The conclusion was also supported by the lack of evidence of efficacy of searches conducted Bluefin - 21 robotic submarines . In addition , the RAAF aircraft also detect signals earlier mysteries in search showed no other signals being dirikim . ” Obviously there are other people who needs a signal out there , ” said the scientist .
Australian Agency Coordination Center ( JACC ) sediri has rejected a request to release a record number of the ping signal for independent analysis . JACC Chief , Angus Houston , said the signal is analyzed to ensure nothing is overlooked . ” They’re not going to release ( recording signal ) , because they do not know what ( signals ) that, ” said the scientist .
Claims signal black box flight MH370 was sparked controversy after Abbott is so confident that Australia will soon find MH370 aircraft . ” We are confident , that we know the position of the black box flight recorder in a few kilometers , ” Mr Abbott said some time ago while in Shanghai .
However , irregularities begin to appear when JACC break Abbott ‘s claims . Houston said the MH370 flight search has not changed. ” There has been no major breakthrough in the search MH370 , ” he said .


Indonesian Student Killed Dragged River Flows in New Zealand

Yessica Asmin , Indonesian students at the University of New South Wales in Sydney found dead after river swept away . Time of the incident , the victim was doing tracking or traveling in the area of ​​the Milford Track , Fiordland National Forest , New Zealand with his girlfriend .

Yessica Asmin along with her ​​boyfriend , Sean McNabb , perform tracking on Monday ( 19 / 05 ) in the region which is often the goal tracking , Milford Track . McNabb admitted that when they were trying to cross the creek are quite heavy . However Yessica slip and drift the river .

Yessica was declared missing , and a new body was discovered on Wednesday ( 21/5 ) with the help of a helicopter . The body of an Indonesian student at the University of New South Wales was found about two miles from the location he fell . ” I lost half of my life . Highly lost and I miss you so , ” McNabb wrote on his Facebook account , recently .

Meanwhile, reports Television New Zealand ( TVNZ ) , a backpacker from Germany , Sebastian Keilhoz who also was with the victim and her boyfriend expressed his anger to the New Zealand Department of Conservation , because there is no adequate bridge to cross the creek .

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" I’m very angry because they were not informed that there was no bridge , we could not help her , " he told TVNZ .

A spokesman for the New Zealand Department of Conservation , Rory Newsam said that many would have thought that the duty of the institution to follow the activities of the people who walk around in the area of ​​the Milford Track .

But he said that they could not oversee all the activities there . They have tried to give the information to the visitors about the obstacles to be faced through the website and information center , such as quoted by TVNZ .

ABC correspondent in New Zealand , Dominique Schwartz reported Yessica family had arrived in New Zealand .


"Eight Samurai" Uniting Create Machine teririt

Eight major Japanese automotive principals come together to form a new consortium , Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines ( aice ) , to create the latest generation engine which is economical. The target , capable of creating a conventional engine ( petrol and diesel ) are 30 percent more efficient than the existing models in 2020 .

The Japanese government will inject half of the investment made by the eighth company to reach 1 billion yen or U.S. $ 113.4 billion . The eight companies are involved , including Toyota , Nissan , Honda , Mazda , Mitsubishi , Daihatsu , Suzuki and Fuji Heavy Industries ( Subaru manufacturer ) ,

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Each member will join , shoulder to shoulder in basic research creates a better conventional machine . The goal is to divide the cost of the research that is cheaper and can compete with rivals from other countries . In addition , in order to meet the emission standards of developed countries are becoming increasingly stringent .

The company is engaged in the research and development , resulting in a new, more efficient vehicles in each brand . The move is an effort to counter than what is done in Europe . European car manufacturers often work together with academia and government in developing the basic technology , making them more economical in doing research and development .

developing countries
When the Japanese brand each independently develop electric and hybrid technology , project aice certainly keep it running . The focus creates a more efficient conventional engines and can be used in the long term , particularly in developing countries are very sensitive to the high cost .

Aice predict it took 10 years to create a new conventional engine with a level of fuel consumption better . This consortium also focus on creating a new diesel engine , where Japanese brands less competitive .

50 percent
The engineers and researchers involved targeting fuel consumption on this new engine will be closer to 50 percent more efficient . Above this value from the current state , which can only reach 39 percent more economical for petrol and 42 percent diesel .

Diesel engine development will focus on the removal of particles and nitrogen oxide emissions , through the filter and creating a better exhaust system . While the petrol engine will focus on memaskimalkan combustion , ignition , while reducing friction in the engine .

Keiji Ohtsu , Managing Officer of Honda R & D , lined up as President aice , to create the same basic technology for the eighth member.


36 Farmers Actors Police arrested Gambling Dice

District police in Malang , East Java , arresting 36 offenders gambling dice . The majority of farmers are squeezed culprit is the economic question . 36 people raided the gambling site in six different locations .

" Catch the latest results a day early Monday arrested nine performers. Totals are caught in week 36 suspected gambling dice , " said Kasatreskrim District police in Malang , AKP Sulaeman Aldy , second degree Mapolres case in Malang , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

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According to Aldy , the operation of gambling is a direct order from East Java Regional Police . ” We will continue the operation of gambling in Malang . Due to unforeseen gambling is still rife. We keep moving , ” he said.

" Location arrest , among others, in the sub Pagak , Turen , Kepanjen , Occupation , Palmares and Bantur , " Aldy says .

When the raids , police secured the two lamps used while gambling and some dice gambling device . ” We secured the money exhibit Rp 700 thousand , ” he said.

Aldy more stressed , although the majority of perpetrators are farmers , the government did not indiscriminately . ” Everything is equal before the law . Though crushed economy, a way out should not gambling . Because gambling is prohibited by law , ” said Aldy .

Meanwhile , based on the confession of the perpetrator gambling dice , Satuin ( 57 ) , he is desperate to play gambling dice , because the question of full fill pressed families. “All the friends of farmers, ” kilahnya .


LPS: 11-Offer Eligible Investors Bank Mutiara

Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) is still running the sale process of PT Bank Mutiara Tbk shares to prospective investors . LPS reported there are at least 11 potential investors who have passed the pre-qualification stage and qualify to the next stage , the stage of the initial offering .

Expert Strategic Policy and Management Bank LPS , Poltak L Tobing said , the process of selling the former Century Bank has entered its sixth year . Currently , 11 potential investors have been allowed to prepare the initial offer document .

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" At first there were 18 potential investors , but who submit registration documents on time April 29 there were 11 candidates . After pre-qualification , the results are 11 candidates were eligible and qualify for the next stage to the initial offering , " said Poltak in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 14 / 5/2014 ) .

Initial bid documents should be submitted starting on June 2, 2014 at 8:00 pm and closed on June 5, 2014 at 18:00 pm . ” If it’s included in the purchase price of the initial offer document not binding , because there are further processes . Sure if you do not submit documents on time , were not included into the assessment, ” said Poltak .

The next phase is due diligence or due diligence that will be opened in the third week of June 2014 until the fourth week of July 2014 . Then is the final offer will be completed in the fourth week of August 2014 and eventually followed the process of closing or closing .

At this late stage , prospective investors are required to follow a fit and proper to the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) to finally decide the winner as well as the completion of the sale transaction .

" If you do not pass the fit and proper by the regulator , even if ya can not have the capital , escaped in LPS . Again we will ask the other candidates . Targets completed November 20 to be completed , but hopefully faster in this Nov. 18 , " said Poltak .


JKW4P threatens subpoena M Noah

One of the winning team of the presidential candidate PDI JKW4P , threatened a summons against the Minister of Education and Culture M Noah .

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Subpoena filed a statement following related Esemka Jokowi name and presence in the national examination . ” A maximum of 5 May. We are ready menyomasi M Noah about it , ” said a member of the Media Centre JKW4P Anton DH Nugrahanto in Jakarta , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

Anton said , some time ago had no issue if the implementation of the UN SMP will retreat . The issue was considered to be dropped Jokowi , the article some time ago name of Solo ‘s former mayor had appeared in a UN school .

Furthermore , he also deplored the attitude M Noah who brings up the issue Esemka . As Minister of Education , M Noah considered not appropriate to comment on the car . ” M Noah must immediately provide clarification on any statement , ” he said .

Previously , M Noah had leverage national car Esemka once popularized former Surakarta Mayor Joko Widodo . This was disclosed at the National Exhibition of Electric Cars ITS ( Institute of Technology ) in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .

He compared the concept of making Esemka car with electric car made ​​in ITS . According to him , the car Esemka not based on research and crudely assessed . ” Frankly , we ( Kemendikbud and ITS ) would not be hasty to make car -based electric power , such as the manufacture of cars Esemka done first, then introduced , ” Noah said Tuesday .

" While cars are made ​​by ITS college team , conducted research first , test , and evaluation . So do not be rash , such as the manufacture of automobile accidents Esemka , " he told reporters back .


Feel Deceived invitation Fight in Syria, Saudi Choosing Youth Round

Saudi Arabia is a young man recently returned from fighting in Syria uneknya guts pour out in a talk show on a Saudi television station .

In that event , Misfer ( 17 ) admitted to feeling cheated a number of religious leaders who advised the youth to jihad in Syria against the regime of Bashar al - Assad .

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Earlier this year , Misfer left for Syria after listening to propaganda line cleric who use religious arguments to convince the young men to war in Syria that is an obligation of a Muslim .

Speaking during a talk show ” Al - Thamina ma Dawood ” that guided the famous emcee Arabia , Dawood al - Shirian , Misfer statement acknowledging the religious leaders who made ​​reckless went to Syria .

" I went to Syria after scouring the internet and found some people using statements related Arour Sheikh war in Syria . Statement was highly influenced me and made ​​me decide to go to Syria , " said Misfer .

Without the consent of both parents , Misfer said , he ordered flight tickets from Jeddah towards Antakya , Turkey . From there , he pays a sum of money to cross the Turkish - Syrian border in Latakia .

In Syria , Misfer then joined by a number of Saudi fighters who have previously been in Syria . In Syria , Misfer duty to help wounded warriors .

However , after a few months in Syria , was the fact it sees far different from those imagined so far .

" All the calls for jihad in Syria is a lie . Rebels women drink alcohol and play . Fighters of Al - Nusra front was no different , " said the teenager .

Given this fact , Misfer decided to return to Saudi Arabia , but worried about the punishment that awaits in the land of his birth .

" Many Saudis ( in Syria ) wants to go home , but they are worried about the Saudi security forces tortured . I almost believe it so I was surprised when the medical team welcomed me at the airport and took me to a hotel , " recalls Misfer .

In early January , Dawood al - Shirian interviewed the mother Misfer . In the interview , the mother was crying and saying that someone forced Misfer to join radical fighters in Syria .

In that event , Dawood al - Shirian criticized the number of religious leaders who are using social media for recruiting young Saudis fighting in Syria .

However , interviews with the mother Misfer it makes a number of religious figures in Saudi furious and accused the interview was full of engineering .